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Introducing system that allows dynamic creation & configuration of unlimited number of peds on a live server!


  • Synced with all online players
  • Admin access only, admin groups configured in config.
  • Create Ped:
    • Ped Label - between 4 and 20 characters
    • Ped Model - when creating a ped, you have to select ped model. Ped models are configured and listed in shared > models.lua folder
    • Ped Settings:
      • Freeze Ped Position - everytime the ped spawns, his position will be frozen
      • Make Ped Invincible - ped can’t die (he cannot be killed in any way)
      • Set Ped Play Animation - make the ped do the animations you want, after selecting this option link with all FiveM animations will be copied to the clipboard
    • Ped Help Interaction Type - set a specific help indicator on the ped that will help players find out what the ped is for or give them more information:
      • TextUI
      • 3D Text
    • Whitelisted Jobs - only players with specific jobs can see the ped
    • Blacklisted Jobs - players with with specific jobs can’t see the ped at all
    • Give Ped a Weapon - everytime the ped spawns he will have specific weapon in his hands. List of weapons can be configured in shared > weapons.lua as well as minimum&maximum ammo amount allowed for ped to have.
    • Ped Is Friendly? - if the option is turned on the ped will ignore all the shootouts, robberies etc… He will do what he wants and not care about what happens around him | if this option is turned off, ped will be aggressive and will attack everyone who looks like an enemy to the ped
    • Ped Is Guard? - if the option is turned on, ped will act and walk like a guard in the distanced area. Distance is setuped after the option is checked and after it has been proceeded from creator menu.
    • Help Interaction Configuration:
      • Interaction Help Text - text displayed when nearby the ped (nearby - distance you setup also in this menu)
      • Interaction Help Key [optional]
      • Interaction Help Icon - uses font awesome icons
      • Interaction Help Distance - the distance from which you will be able to see help interaction for the ped
    • Animation Setup:
      • Animation Dictionary
      • Animation Name
      • Animation Duration [optional]
      • Animation Flag - normal: animation will happen only once, repeat: animation will repeat in loop
    • … check Preview Video to see more features
  • Peds List menu:
    • Individually presented peds with marked ID in the database. Hover over the button to get information about the ped label, model and access
    • By clicking on each individual Ped ID button, you are taken to the new menu:
      • Get all ped informations
      • Edit Ped Label
      • Edit Ped Model (requires peds respawn)
      • Teleport To Ped
      • Manage Access - whitelist/blacklist jobs from seeing the ped
      • Configure Ped Settings:
        • Ped Is Friendly?
        • Ped Is Guard?
        • Give Ped a Weapon
        • Ped Position Frozen
        • Ped Is Invincible
        • Ped Plays Animation
        • Ped Help Interaction Type
      • Move Ped’s Default Location - change location where the ped will spawn first time
      • Delete Ped - this will delete ped permanently
  • Delete Peds:
    • Delete by Ped ID - you can simply delete ped by inputing it’s ID. You can see peds IDs in the “Peds List” menu.
    • Delete closest ped - this will search for closest distanced ped and delete it permanently
    • Delete all peds in radius - this will delete all peds in the radius you input after the option is selected
    • Note - every deleted ped is deleted permanently and cannot be restored.
  • Respawn all peds - this will restart and respawn all created peds.
  • Logs System
  • Complete Script Translation
  • Easy Script Installation

Accessible Code

For better understanding of script, check Preview Video


Worth mentioning

  • The script has been thoroughly tested with the latest versions of all the scripts listed in the requirements section. We can ensure that the script is compatible and functions as intended when using these up-to-date dependencies. However, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the script with older versions of the required scripts. It is highly recommended to use the specified latest versions to ensure the best performance and compatibility.

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