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This resource will let your players work hard and enjoy.

Players have to go to the location marked on the map and press a button "START WORKING". They will get a can and farmer clothing after and on the map, they will see location where you they start your work.

When done, employees can press a button "LEAVE" to quit the job.

There is 3 different levels in this job, and every one of them can do something special:

  • Level 1: Normal employee in the uniform and its goal would be to get the water into the watering can and treat the garden until the water ends, refill the watering can and start from the beginning until leveled up.
  • Level 2: Ability to switch to tiller and start fertilizing garden. Also, the tiller (cultivator) breaks but can be fixed on the spot. Level 2 employees can also treat the garden with the watering can.
  • Level 3: Employees can buy seeds from workers level 1/2 and sell them on market located on the GPS. Prices for seeds are set uped in the config file.

When script is started, 6 tractors will be spawned (can be set uped). Only level 2 employees will be able to drive them, if player is not level 2 employee or is not employed, tractor will be frozen.

Players receive XP per fertilized bed and treated plant in the garden. XP add for fertilized bed and treated plant can be set uped in the config file, as well as XP needed for leveling up to level 2 and level 3.

When treating plants in the garden, players will not always get the seeds, there is chance that can be set uped of getting the seed. Full watering can can handle 10 plants until empty.

On level 2 job, employees will get 20$ per fertilized bed, and will be charged certain amount of money (set uped in the config file) every time they fix the cultivator, cultivator can handle 20 beds until broken.

After leveling up on level 3, employees will get new marker on the map - Seeds Market. Their job is to buy seeds from employees and sell them on the market. Still, they can treat plants or work with fartilize beds.

The main income from the farming job are seeds. You get them randomly when you treat plants in garden. There is 4 types of seeds:

  1. Cabbage 
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Tangerines
  4. Pineapples

In the config file developers can set up:

  • Farm Location
  • Location for fueling watering can (as much as you want)
  • Locations for treating plants (as much as you want)
  • Locations for fertilizing beds (as much as you want)
  • Tractors (as much as you want)
  • Location for repairing cultivator (as much as you want)
  • Location for seeds market (as much as you want)
  • Seeds prices on the market
  • Price for repairing the tiller (cultivator)
  • Reward in $ per fertilized bed
  • XP to be added per treated plant, fertilized bed
  • XP needed for leveling up on level 2
  • XP needed for leveling up on level 3
  • Chance of getting seed when treating plant
  • Minimum and maximum amount of seeds that will be received
  • How long will the watering can be fueling for (seconds)
  • How long will the plant be treated for (seconds)
  • Job Description (description that will be shown in the main UI when players are getting employed)
  • Full Job Translation
  • Button Translation (Get Employed/Leave)
  • Blips (locations on the map)
  • Job Clothes

Farming Job UI's are fully responsive.

[Config File]


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